Platinum AIO

Raiding the mines.


Intuitive UI

Advanced and easy to use interface for beginners and veterans alike.

Lightning fast

Checkout items instantly with our smooth and fast experience.

1 on 1 support

24/7 private support via Discord by our experienced staff for all your problems.

Proven success

Hundreds of successful checkouts and thousands of carts.


Easily organize tasks, profiles, and proxies with our unique system.

Constant updates

We closely review user suggestions and are always adding new features.

Supported Sites

More coming soon...


What is the price?

Platinum AIO is currently in free beta!

Do you offer groupbuys?

Platinum AIO is not accepting groupbuys currently.

When will you restock?

Platinum AIO restocks randomly about once a month.

What payment methods?

We accept American MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover cards.

What sites are supported?

Platinum AIO currently supports all Footsites, Amazon, and Walmart.

What OS?

Platinum AIO runs on every version of Windows.